RUN PMP 2nd Annual Beer Bash

September 24, 2016

201 Jackson Street, Anoka, MN

Please join us at the 2nd Annual Run PMP to raise awareness of Appendix Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a rare and often misdiagnosed disease. All proceeds will go to the Appendix Cancer / Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Research Foundation ( ACPMP has funded $850,000 in research grants for this disease, and another $100,000 will be awarded in 2016. It is events like this that make research possible! Please visit James' Story and for more info. We hope you will join us!!

Registration is Closed
Adults (21 & over) $25 *
Kids (Under 21) $15 *
Virtual Pub Crawler $10

* T-shirt included if registered by 9/10/16

T-shirt* and cup for unlimited beer is included in the registration fee. Food will be available for individual purchase. 


   *T-shirts will be for sale at event - while they last.

Room for Gray will be performing again this year.
Check them out at



Sponsors Wanted!
Get your name on the sleeve or back of the T-shirt along with slogan on website, flyers and signs.
Visit our Sponsors page for details!


Silent Auction
We have some great items for our Silent Auction. If you would like to donate merchandise for our Silent Auction, please contact Tara at

GOAL: $10,000.00
Raised: $5,535.00
Registrants Activity
Amy Andersen$50.00
Rachel Barrientez-Lopez$175.00
Annette Beck$25.00
Nicole Beck$50.00
Diane Bronson$150.00
Karen Brumbelow$45.00
Sharon Cashion$25.00
Carol Chesla$25.00
Kevin Corcoran$25.00
Michelle Corcoran$25.00
Barb Crittenden$35.00
Beth Doce$50.00
Raymond Doolittle$50.00
Lynn Drewes$35.00
Sharon Durheim$50.00
Joyce Ellefson$50.00
Teri Fink$25.00
Julie Fjeld$50.00
Kristin Gallagher$100.00
Sue Gardner$50.00
Vicky Hayes$50.00
Amy Holicky$35.00
Mike Huehns$50.00
Tom Kaufhold$100.00
Sara Keen$50.00
Jim Kimbro$25.00
Sue Korkowski$35.00
Darla Laaveg$50.00
Laura Larson$35.00
Maggie Larson$110.00
Tammy Ledin$0.00
Jessica Linkert$65.00
Terri Lobato$50.00
Jackie Lyon$50.00
Melissa Manthey$100.00
Daniel Marks$80.00
Amy Matteson$100.00
Michael Mattingley$95.00
Melissa McGreevey$75.00
Alanna Menke$75.00
Janice Nielsen $10.00
Noel Nivala$25.00
Lee Ann Olson$75.00
Kate OMalley-Elfstrom$100.00
Susan Ortega$10.00
Deann Recker$50.00
Jacquelyn Richter$50.00
Tara Richter $80.00
Amy Rieschl$50.00
Karen Rudeen$200.00
Susan Schelander$100.00
Julie Schlief$30.00
Patrick Shanahan$200.00
Tracy Skwiot$100.00
Patti Spaulding$50.00
Peggy Strom$60.00
Jane Stuedemann$50.00
Therese Surges$25.00
Alicia Thompson$50.00
Joyce Tonn$100.00
Emily Trowbridge$50.00
Kathy Wendorf$65.00
Monica Wenzel$50.00
Teams Activity
Julie's Brew Crew$2,650.00
Team Gary$45.00
The Wendorf's$65.00
TX to MN for Rob$415.00
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